Thursday, 27 August 2015


I know, using all senses, using rational faculty, I know, not a matter of debate with those that are irrational, I know, with internalized conflicts, I know, it is wrong, sin …. to feed on animals … it is no more than barabrianism.  Not one to lecture on moral christian values, however … do I really need elucidiate on the the Mosaic Law of ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ ?

50,000 word thesis ?

I have considered Hobbes, Locke and Kant. without state, man in a dog eat dog world.  Social Contract is absolute.  200 cabins on one boat with no captain.  Without a supply of Maslows basic needs, a person is in a constante state of battle with his brother, neighbor and friend.  As Marx prescribed, communal property, agriculture, industry and labor as the only solution for the dark forces, matter as Sheldon may say.  Freud would say that the individual is suffering from a repression of sexual matter, going unresolved, into the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious, latent for decades, repressed, then arising in the psyche, the dark matter.  Budda preached ‘right thought ; right action’.  Krishna had daisy and her little koala.  Shiva had the bull and the snake.  Lakshmi had the tiger.  

I am not quite certain of the reliability of the source of all the available religious literature, but am able to use rational faculty to discern the logic of social contract.  The basic force behind the setting of laws for an immoral populus.  Darwin claimed survival of the fittest, insinuating some breeds would get wiped out as a result of conflict of scarce resources in a man eat cow world.  Rousseau had the diction to elaborate on the stipend that there has been an unfortunate inequality in the amount some groups, races, species have managed to progress in the development of civilizations, while others were not able to manouver their way out of their conflict between individuals.  Man has been born with the opposable thumb, while the monkey have feet with an opposable thumb as well.  However, it is not the great silverback who is king of the jungle, it is man who have dominion as per Genesis.  

As master of the universe, the sage would advise his subjects, provide guidance on the value of life and consciousness.  There is matter.  Gems are matter.  They do not reproduce.  Life is in the rose plant, the curry tree, the cherry and berry are mere fruit from the seed or branch.  We have to sow the seed, have want to plant a cutting.  Let us assume that flora do not have consciousness, saving that for the fauna of the jungle.  I hope there is no reason to debate the consciousness of chicken, lamb, barramundi, crab, mussels, cow, salmon and kangaroo.  elephant like many other beast feast on no more than leaf, fruit, seed and flower.  That is an awareness of free will, free choice if you wish, rationality.  To know that it wrong, a sin, to breed beast, fowl and sea monster for a feed !

 Need I elaborate ?

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